Friday, October 13, 2006

Big sighs...

It's official...there are two empty jars in my entire house and they can stay empty! I'm done canning!

My husband said to me last night "I wonder how many jars you've done?" and me being, well ME went and counted 101 jars and that's not even counting the 3 I gave away, 1 jar of jam that we've finished, and 2 jars of tomatoes I've used already. Grand total 107! (I guess those two empty's have already been full.) I know this is not all that much considering how much some of you with larger families do but for me it's the most I've ever done.

I guess I can give back my borrowed canner now. It seems ridiculous that I have done all of this with the most wonderful friend on the planet's canner - thanks Anna! I was planning on buying one this year but I never really saw them in the stores. I have found one online that I'd like which will be on the top of my Christmas list!

I am SO grateful that we will now be able to enjoy the fruits (too corny?) of my labor. I'm guessing that this is about twice what I canned last year so I'm interested to see how long everything lasts...


On to another topic: This weekend we’re going to savor the last two days of Adam's "forced" vacation. Remember this post back in August about me having a jobless husband. And then this post about him getting a new job starting the beginning of September. Well, it didn't end up working out for him to start that job until this coming Monday!!!

To make a long story short, we are SO grateful that he is starting on Monday. They took him out to lunch today and showed him his office cubicle which he says is in a corner with windows. Sounds great to me as we are truly penny pinching this month!

I have really become used to his all day long presence in our home. I love that he takes our little guy to the park so I can can! (LOL Can Can- yup I really am corny tonight!) I haven't brought a toddler to the grocery store for months since I just go during nap time, I like us eating lunches together and all in all it's just been a fun experience - other than the whole not having much money thing.

It has made us rethink our goals and God's plan for us and our family which has brought us closer together. It has also focused us (as have many events of the summer) on just how many blessings we have. I think it really did wonders for Adam and our son's relationship, since for the last year Daddy was hardly ever home for dinner time and sometimes not even before bed time. This seems like a better fit since he'll be able to have more evening and weekend time with us! Yippy! Happy Weekend!


momteacherfriend said...

107 cans!!! Wowzers and way to go.

Praise God for his provision. Praying for your transition.

Oh and I am around to stay! lol

Anonymous said...

You have been busy! Wow!

Hope the adjustment goes smoothly. How nice to have him home even with a tight budget!

janice said...

good for you for canning!! my mom did it when we were grwoingup. I don't think I ever tated bought peaches until I was older.

so glad all is working out with your hubby's work.

Mike said...

Always glad to read something great is going to happen to someone in another part of this world.


bluebeer said...

Wow, I didn't know people still did that. My mom use to can lots of good things. Cheaper than store bought and much much better.

5KidMom said...

Wow! I always love home canned foods, but I have never done it myself. Good for you!

Congrats on the new job for your husband! It does sound like it will be more family friendly. It will probably be a little sad at first when he is gone all day again. It reminds me of my house after the summer each year. My husband is a teacher, so we are very spoiled with his time off. The fall is always a little tough to get used to.