Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanks Ashlee!!!

My wonderful blogging buddy Ashlee who blogs at Mama's Nest and is the owner of Nest sent me a sling! I've used it every day since receiving it on Friday, it's my first adjustable sling and I love it! Plus I love the fabric, it's very well made and I think more stylish than my wardrobe!

It is so easy to put it on quickly even just to do one small task, with other carriers if I'm going to put it on it's not really worth it if I'm just taking out the garbage before I change her diaper. This one I just plop her in and we're ready to go. Like my son, she doesn't like any of the horizontal positions, just upright which is fine with me. I have figured out how to nurse in it but I still have to hold her with one hand. I think I may go to my local La Leche League meeting on Thursday because I know it's possible to nurse hands free so hopefully someone will be able to give some advice. For now, it's nice to have to take a break to sit and nurse but soon it will be nice to be able to nurse on the go.

I also LOVE the tail of the sling, it comes in really handy for shielding the sun out of her eyes and covering up while nursing or when she's asleep.

If you need encouragement on why it's good to wear your baby Ashlee's got a great list here. My favorites are *Carrying infants lowers the level of stress hormones and adrenalin circulating in the blood stream of the infant, as well as the parent/caregiver. *Continuously carried infants actually initiate separation faster and become more emotionally self-reliant. *Babies who are carried have a lower mortality rate than infants who are denied this constant contact. - Well there are just too many to list here!!!! Thanks again Ashlee!!!!


New Mama's Nest said...

Yay! Soooo glad you like it! It looks great on you and that beautiful little girl! (YOU look GREAT by the way!)

Happy babywearing!

Jamie said...

Wow, Ashlee rocks.
And you and your family are adorable. Simply adorable.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

What great pics!!! Thank you for sharing!


O Mama Mia said...

WOOHOO for babywearing! Ashlee's slings are just gorgeous! (You too!)

Sherri said...

Heidi!! I just want to say that you look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am jealous of the pumpkin patch. I have been trying to find one...a real farm, not a patch set up at a church or somewhere. We used to have one, but the deer kept eating their crop, so they aren't doing fieldtrips anymore :(.

Anyway...you look amazing!! I LOVE your hair!!!

kanga5 said...

Have you tried both the non-adjustable and now the adjustable? Which do you like better?

Life With All Boys said...

Carter is almost 16 months and the sling is still my favorite. And I have to add my Nest sling is the only one I use. You are going to use it ALL THE TIME. Ashlee rocks!!

Glass Half Full said...

I've seen many of Ashlee's slings in person and they are one of kind. Her patterns rock!



christy said...

baby wearing is the best. I love the sling!