Saturday, October 20, 2007

If you have a minute

Please join me in telling the EPA to reverse it's approval of methyl iodide . It is to be used as a fumigant pest control by farmers and despite more than 50 scientists opposition (including 5 Nobel laureates in chemistry) the EPA approved the use of it. Fumigants are some of the most potentially dangerous pesticides in use because the toxic gas can evaporate from the soil, exposing farmworkers and drifting into neighborhoods. Studies have shown permanent nervous system damage, miscarriages, and thyroid tumors.

It would be used primarily on strawberry fields and the scientists, mostly chemists, warned that "pregnant women and the fetus, children, the elderly, farmworkers and other people living near application sites would be at serious risk." There is plenty of info on the link above - let's ask the EPA to help farmers find healthier more sustainable ways to fight crop pests and diseases.

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Sherri said...

I still say to this day that the pesticide that was used in the cotton field across from my childhood home contributed to my mother's cancer that killed her. I could be wrong, but it can't be healthy to breathe that stuff on a regular basis!