Monday, October 29, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Are you the type that digs in and gets your hands dirty or no thank you I don't want that under my fingernails?

I love to run my fingers through wonderful smelling, soft earth. (Locally ours is like clay so it needs a bit of amending to get to that nice soft dirt that I remember from childhood.) With finger paints I'm not so fond of them getting under my nails but I do have fun doing it and getting messy. So yes, I'll get my hands dirty, how about you?

He recently received a book that he loves to read that has mud pies in can guess what we were doing in the pictures!


Mom said...

Yummy Mud Pies!!! So much fun!
Love You all!

Mom again said...

I a definitely the type to dig in and get my hands dirty whether it is in the garden, mixing the meatloaf or pie dough! Love that squishy feeling!

Jamie said...

I don't mind getting dirty at all, but it really is uncomfortable to have it jammed under your fingernails :)

O Mama Mia said...

Bring on the dirt! We LOVE digging around in it & this was the first spring that Starlet helped me plant our veggie/ herb garden.
Mud is good.
And who can deny squishy rainy mud between the toes??? Gee, can ya tell that I grew up in the farmlands of South Texas?

momteacherfriend said...

Getting hands dirty are a must in our world. I love dirt. I think if more people would play in dirt we would be a healthier society.