Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Toddler bed transitions

After 2 weeks and two nights in his toddler bed, my son is finally testing the waters by getting out of bed in the evening. I say testing the waters, but we are still so lucky since it was only last Saturday and Sunday nights that he's come out. Twice on Sat once on Sun. My hubby tells him to stay in bed which I back 100%. The one time I was right there when he came out I said that since it was night time he needed to stay in his room and that he could go to sleep wherever he was most comfy - for me that's my bed.

Saturday night we found him like this at 10:30 pm...

Sunday night he was sprawled out on the floor and last night he was in his bed with evidence that he played quietly before turning in!

For several weeks when we switched him from co sleeping with us to his own crib (about 18 months old) we'd find him asleep sitting up in the crib but were never able to get a picture of it because he'd wake up as soon as we walked in. I'm glad that he sleeps more soundly now! I'm also looking forward to having another little one in bed with us!!!

We would have let my son stay longer but we all started to sleep worse and worse and then he was waking up to nurse every 1.5-2 hours again like a newborn. We all were crabby and something had to change, my hubby would go in and parent him to sleep in the night, basically night weaning him. We all survived and with all the not going to sleep issues we had with him I'm glad that we've learned that we can't make our kids go to sleep. Even if we want them to -boy were there times I wanted- it's just not possible for a human to make another go to sleep!

This got long winded awfully fast - off on a tangent I went!


Glass Half Full said...

Mark has that exact same sleeper!! :)

Wouldn't it be nice if our children came with a Clapper???


If only....

Mom/Granny said...

It seems that night he felt most comfy in the rocker. So gradually he discovered that bed is comfy, too. He looks like an angel....well he is!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

How cute is that?!

Stephanie said...

What a sweetheart!

Mamacita Tina said...

You're absolutely right, you can't make another person go to sleep.

I've found Ian asleep a couple of times on the floor surrounded by toys. He's also thrown every stuffed animal in his room into his bed and slept with them. A couple of times he's had all this books in bed with him. I guess he's finding his own way to wind down to fall asleep.