Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things I want to remember

"Tastes like good."

"Ha, ha real funny."

"You best, Mommy, you best!"

"that easier, try higher"

"serin" = raisin

Says, "Nank you, nank you, nank you" while taking some bows.

For about the last five or six mornings he wakes up in his crib and I hear through the monitor, "Mommy, go sit on my big boy potty chair!.......(slight pause)......oh, well."


Owlhaven said...

That last one is hilarious!


Sherri said...

I love it...keep writing them down!!! You might not think you would ever forget, but you could.

Linds said...

I am back.... and have been reading ALL the posts I have missed. I may not get to bed tonight at this rate! I love these lists, and it is good to write them down! One day you will need to re-read them. The photos are great too, and you are looking wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Great list.

"You best Mommy, you best!" Trust me you will need to remember that he thought that in a few years! LOL

Heaven Sent said...

Thing you have to remember!!! What a great list. Thank goodness for blogs to keep these records for us! Absolutely priceless.

Mamacita Tina said...

So sweet! And so funny, that last one cracks me up!