Tuesday, April 24, 2007


First, the Make It From Scratch Carnival is posted over at Stop the Ride!

Since my house is pretty clean still I decided to tackle some projects this week. I went through my hubby's side of the closet and pulled out 14 shirts to give away. Most are from places he used to work or don't fit anymore - I go through my stuff a couple times a year for stuff to give away but it's been awhile since I've gone through Adam's stuff especially his shirts. So that can be added to the give away bags!!!

I also pulled out these three boxes of stuff that my Mom sent to me in 2003. I'd never even opened 2 of them they've just been moved twice and I keep saying someday I'll get to them. They were full of stuff that used to live on my dresser and memorabilia from grade school through high school.

For me I've got to be in the right mood to go through these types of things. If I'm in the "get rid of everything" mode I might get rid of some really great photos and if I'm in a "sentimental mode" I might have wanted to keep engraved glasses from my proms, or programs from plays that I went to see at neighboring schools!

I found some fun pictures that I'll share over the next week or so...you know the really embarrassing ones from 6th - 8th grade! I found Broadway playbills (some with autographs that I kept) and autographed New York City Ballet programs, photo albums from class trips to Philadelphia and chamber choir trips to England. Fun stuff. My Mom, God Bless her, kept newspaper clippings from each semester when they published the kids that made the honor roll (yeah, me the nerd).

I basically decided that if it was something I performed in and my name was in the program I kept it in one of the albums but everything else went. Also, just about all trinkets are in the give away or sell item. Extra bonus, my hubby had fun learning more about me - or the school girl me!

All said and done, I have a box and pile (mostly of sheet music from choir and flute) to sell or give away (to the left in picture). A huge pile of trash and one box of memories (on the right) to keep until the next time I go through it! Actually the one box I'm keeping is still about 1/3 empty so it's not even one box!!!! Yippee, I feel lighter already!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I can't wait to see your old pictures!

Stephanie said...

Wow - that must feel great! Good work! :)

tegdirb92 said...

What a great Tackle it Tuesday!! Great job :)

Tracey said...

Whooot! Clean and pitch! Way to go. Gotta love decluttering.