Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Cleaning Spree

Last Wednesday I spent the majority of the day cleaning out the closet in our master and catching up on the laundry. For me these are VERY big deals seeing as how our clean laundry usually spends a good deal of its life in baskets or on a couch. The closet is um, well, yeah it’s my dark, dirty little secret. Whenever we are having people over (I can't believe that I'm admitting it LOL) anything that is hanging out in piles elsewhere - bills on the island, random papers, clothes to be mended, items to be returned, you get the picture...stuff that doesn't have a "home" gets thrown in there and is off limits to even the best of friends.

I actually cleaned out my closet bills, clothes and all. I have two bags to donate full of anything smaller than a size 10 because if it hasn't fit me in the last three years, it probably won't in the next three.

After cleaning out the closet, putting the rest of the laundry away didn't seem as daunting so for the first time in, ehem, well a long time the laundry baskets only hold dirty clothes. I am also going to do one load of laundry a day so it doesn't pile up and then on days that I have to do diapers, (we use cloth) bedding, towels, etc. I'm sure I'll get to do two loads but it seems more manageable this way. I've done it for four days in a row now and I'm telling you just so you’ll hold me accountable, hopefully I haven't bored you to pieces.

I do have a question for anyone still with me: What do you do with your mail when it comes in and what do you do with bills after they have been paid? We have a file but I have a hard time getting stuff into it, any advice? I come from a long line of hoarders, pilers and stuff keepers and I need to know what normal people do with this stuff!


Jamie said...

We have a wooden thing with two pocket-type compartments (top and bottom). When the mail comes, all junk gets tossed immediately, and then things that need to be tended to get put in the top slot. When it's bill-paying time we take them out of the top, pay them, and put the stubs into the bottom slot. When it gets unsightly we take the the stubs upstairs to the filing cabinet. That way we aren't constantly filing, which we would never do!

Heidi said...

Thanks Jamie, I'm going to go shopping this week for something like that, I think it will work!

Wendy said...

Everyday when the mail comes I go through it right away. I toss the card offers, etc. We have a container that we put all our bills in until they are paid. When they are paid we file them. Each thing has a house, electric, etc. Hope that helps.

I am bad about getting laundry out of the baskets right away too.

Little Sis said...

Well I use a very effective method of pilling up all the bills, before and after they are paid. This seems to work very well, HAHAHAHAHA. Oh yes and I do have very nice, colorful files all in ABC order (the Monica in me). I guess because I am related to you this does not help and this is very similar to you current method. I say just put it ina neater pile in a cute paper tray! Sorry I'm no help, Hee, Hee. Oh yeah and hey were any of those clothes cute, I mean I am your SISTER!!!! - loves

Anonymous said...

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