Sunday, August 06, 2006

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week

I decided to join in with Jess over at O Mama Mia and share a picture of my son nursing and a story to go with it. I am sad that our nursing experience is over but I am so glad that we will always have that experience together!

These pictures are from a trip we took to Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia last May when my kiddo was 9 months old. In our three day visit across the border I noticed a huge difference in the comfort level of the public and breast feeding. We went to a street fair where there was a tent set up for Moms and baby's to nurse, BTW the tent had no sides on it so it was just for comforts sake, I could still see everything that was going on around me...totally cool.

We saw this sticker on restaurant windows which I thought was so awesome! The glare from the flash makes it hard to read but it says, "Breastfeeding Friendly" at the top and "anytime. anywhere." at the bottom.

For many reasons we felt at home in B.C. and loved our stay there, the fact that breastfeeding was really no big deal, just feeding your kid, really helped.

The weekend we were there it was gorgeous, so gorgeous in fact that I had to buy shorts to wear when we went to the famous Butchart Gardens, I packed for spring in the NW, nice weather but overcast and rain right! We enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful ocean breeze and this is making me want to go back! My son nursed on the bus ride to the beautiful gardens so he was quite content for some time once we arrived. Of course when he needed to nurse there was not a bench open that wasn’t in the blazing sun, so I stood under a tree by a beautiful pond and nursed. You can see my son is half way undressed because we were all sweaty I love that my husband thought we were sweet under the tree and snapped away.

That's one of our nursing experiences want to share yours, please do and note it in the comments and visit Jess to read more stories.


Glass Half Full said...

First, I could never stand and nurse at the same time -- what talent you have!!! :)

Second, I am thankful that I was able to nurse my two boys. It was not only healthy for both of us, but it's a bond that cannot be duplicated.

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I wish American's didn't look at the breast as strickly sexual. It kinda shows what a perverted country this is when people are offended at seeing a woman nurse her baby, but don't mind seeing a woman walk around with all her glory hanging out!! You can see just as much, if not more breast in some of these lowcut accepted shirts!!Nursing, sadly, didn't work out for my baby and me. It's a long story..I'll share it with you sometime if you want.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

What a beautiful photo!

One of the WONDERFUL things about breastfeeding is that you can do it ANYTIME ANYWHERE ANY WAY!

O Mama Mia said...

YEAH!!! I love these pics and I'm particulary thrilled to pieces about the ease & support of our neighboring country up north. Its great that you took a pic of the restaurant's poster. A gal after my own heart. WAHOO!! And I echo Lori's comment about standing AND nursing... you go, girl! I could only do that with the help of a sling. I'm off to link your story. Thanks so MUCH for sharing!!!

Ashlee - Xav's Mama said...


Susan Stephenson said...

Hey Heidi, I'm glad I linked back to your blog after you commented on mine. My breast-feeding days are long gone but fondly remembered. We visted the Butchart Gardens in 2005 - I still have the 236 photos to prove it!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I love the photo! The garden is such a beautiful, natural backdrop for the beautiful, natural act of nursing.

Thanks for sharing in our "celebration of nursing" at "5 Minutes for Mom".

Amber said...

Welp, it's 4 a.m. and I'm blogging AND nursing at the same time. What could be more memorable. ;-)

Stephanie said...

My back hurts looking at you. I also needed a sling to stand. I've always wondered with nursing so common that there aren't more nursing "stations" in public places. You know a small room, rocking chair, water, music ect. Though I do not mind nursing in public, my kids have made it hard to be discreet. They have tugged and pushed at my shirt, and pulled off blankets. Oh the adventures! :)

I know you stopped by already but if anyone else would care to visit I have a post up about breastfeeding too!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

WHAT A WONDERFUL TRIP!!! I wish us american's were more like that!

Your photo's are just awesome, thank you for sharing! We just created a gallery of nursing pictures...its time to get this stigma of "breasts are for sex" OUT of the american public!

Pass The Torch said...

I remember when I nursed my son, he was so huge at birth (11 pounds) I could never stand and nurse. In fact, as he got older, I couldn't even sit and nurse. I had to lay down.

But I was so glad it all worked for us.

Great post!

Michelle said...

What a great photo! I love being able to walk around while nursing my son. It is so frustrating living in a country where people think that nursing your child is disgusting. It is natural and it is what is best for the child. I wish more people could see that. Great post!

Tammy said...

It's good to be versitle! Good for you- that is such a sweet pic!

I nursed my second much longer than my first. My first, only a year. My second...all the way to two and a half! And to think, though, when I first brought my second one home, we almost had to stop because of latching problems so severe I was bleeding. I was having to strictly pump for awhile...finally, I saw a photo on a breastfeeding website about proper latching and after worked! (Even though the nurses tried to help before that...)

Sorry to be long-winded. That baby is four years old now and seeing this picture made me miss those days a bit!