Friday, August 11, 2006

Just need an ear

I've been to the grocery store four times since Sunday. Yup, you read that right, four (4) times!!!!!! I've had some issues.

I do shop at two different stores, usually one week at one and then the next week at the other. I do this since one store is cheaper for staples but we like to buy organic items so we go to another store for those. I didn't actually make it to either last week and we needed stuff from both so, I thought no biggie I went to each on different days.

Well the following items from store #1 were defective:
* a package of snack items were open slightly
* the chicken I opened to use last night for dinner smelled like rotten eggs even though the expiration date is next Monday! (This is the second batch of bad chicken we've experienced since May from 2 different places -yuk)

From store #2:
* the seal on my sons toothpaste was broken
* the plastic lid on a soy milk container had broken off

What are the odds. Not only did I go shopping twice (my own lack of planning) but I had to return stuff twice and well the chicken we just took a loss on because it almost made me puke!

I'm sorry to vent but I do feel surprisingly better. BTW thanks for all the suggestions about my son's terrible two's. I really am heading to the library and/or bookstore this weekend!

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little sis said...

I guess I'm still single it's normal for us to go to the store 4 times a week, and that's just to buy stuff. We havn't gotten the weekly planning thing down yet.....