Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In my dreams,

...I live in Greece.  There are nights when I make pita bread from scratch, Adam makes gyros, tzatziki sauce the whole dining room, transforms to a villa swept by an ocean breeze.  My hair has billowing curls and I wear the simplest flowing dress in pale, the palest, blue to match the sea.

At times I wish I still lived in NY, NY.  The bustle and contact with people outside of the metal box of an automobile.  The museums, performances, the restaurants, parks and pigeons, so much at the tips of my now typing fingers.

The memories of San Diego, they do not escape the what if game in my head.  Ohhhhhhhh, the hot sand between my toes, the sweet smell of jasmine on a late night stroll, the most perfect weather all the year long.  Yes, especially on a cold winter's night, I wish we still lived there.

Actually, I'm thankful for the gifts and glimmers of wonderment that my children give me right where we are.  I'm thankful for my man, who's happy to cook dinner and the amazing times we have, even if we don't live in one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world.  I make sure to get sand between my toes during the summer, we do many available activities, all in all, we are perfectly here.  Right here.  This is the number one place in the world for me, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

The overheard conversation that led my thoughts....

Scene: Buckling into the car after church
Gabi: (over-emphasized for effect) I wish we lived at church.  I really do.  I really wanna live at church.
Nathan: (with compassion) Everyone else is leaving too.
 short pause
Gabi: I....I wish I married Pastor, then I could live at church. 
Nathan: (slowly, with a know-it-all-attitude)You can't, he's already married to a woman, Pastor's wife.
Gabi: (whiny) But I really wanna live at church.
Mom: (can't help but chime in) Pastor's wife is Mrs. Pastor and who knows what life has instore Gabi, you're only 3.
Gabi: I'm three-and-a-half.
Mom: Yes, three-and-a-half.  Yes, yes. (Far away empty sounding) maybe someday you'll marry a pastor. (Mom drives pulls out of the parking lot listening again.)
Gabi: Well, I have to marry a boy.
Nathan: (quickly) Yes, it has to be a boy, and you'll have kids.
Gabi: I'll marry you!
Nathan: No! (tentatively) I'll already be married.
Gabi: (searching) How about Joe?
Nathan: (again soft and unsure) Well......maybe......if he's not already married to someone else.
Gabi: (with confidence) He's not married, he's just a boy!


Geo. said...

Butterfly Mama,
Beautiful post. You begin with a dream. My friend, Willie (who still comments on my writing), once asked me over a campfire in Calaveras --gosh, maybe 1969-- what I thought dreams were. I said, pedantically: a current abstract comment on our waking lives. He said,"Nah, they're just night school."
I like how you proceed from there into your waking world, a good busy life conducted under a dream.
Incidentally, when I was about your daughter's age I heard our big, traditional--vaulted stone ceilings and lots of stained glass-- church referred to as the "house of God". I imagined God, a giant in his slippers and robe, having to shuffle out into the alley so we could all fit in his digs. It's entirely possible your children will remember their car conversation 60 years from now. Thanks for igniting these pleasurable memories.

Owlhaven said...

That's great!! So fun to go to the ballet together this morning!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!

Joe's Mommy :)