Thursday, March 10, 2011


Life is not an emergency.  I read those words a couple weeks ago in Ann Voskamp's book.  Slow down, life is happening and in the hurried, careless motions I'm missing what it is about. 

It was really nice to remember that today, in the midst of a more emergent situation.  My little three year old has stitches, five of them, in her tiny pinkie finger.  Really, I'm just amazed at the calmness that was over every one of us during each minute of the ordeal.  An unfortunate occurrence with a fact this little girl has had her fingers in doors more times than I can remember in her tiny life.

It was crazy busy in the ER, but there was a peace in our room, she even fell asleep for a time.  Princess dress, is now stained red and scars have ripped into our psyches, the bravest princess she is, healing has begun.  They gave her a stuffed bear and told her that she was the best patient they'd ever had.  She named the bear 'honey bear' because it was yellow with a pretty heart on it. 

A bit upset that they had to wrap her whole hand just for a cut on the tip of her tiniest finger (to restrict mobility) she refused to put any shirt on at bed time.  Well, until brother brought his favorite Star Wars t-shirt in, way easier to maneuver onto a bandaged hand.

She's upstairs in Mommy's bed cuddling her new bear that she kissed several times before allowing her eye lids to flutter closed for the night.  Thank you God for my little children and your Grace...

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh no! Poor baby. You are so right. I have been hoping to read that book soon, too.