Monday, March 14, 2011


The other day my daughter and I were in a public restroom, she looks up at me and in a very demanding (and altogether too grown sounding) voice says, "I've told you fifty times that I want to rip the toilet paper."

I'm still a work in progress too.

The past week of entries on my list.

52.  ooooohing and aaaaaahing over a baby much newer than mine.
53. Tiny baby socks, how they like to wiggle down to show off cute toes.
54.  My funny kids, big brother saying, "She's so cute, I can hardly take my eyes off her."  Sister says, "She is just so cute, I can hardly stand her."
55.  long sister chats, laughter.
56.  husband, singing over soapy pots, scrubbing
57. Six year old reading words I haven't taught him.
58. silky, smooth, gold fabric
59.  the hum of a sewing machine
60. the strong, slender thread plodding away, over and over
61. Pretty new pillows to make me smile
62. God's character traits looked at with new eyes
63. Friends to hold dear and how we safely hold each other
64. Trust.
65. Purple cabbage, beautiful purple and white trimmed slivers, tangy bites
66. Carrot, citrus, cabbage, ginger juice - tastes of freshness.
67. cabbage pulp turning dishwater a soft periwinkle blue
68. husbands hands faithfully chopping onions and garlic
69. the end of last years tomato harvest simmering, melding
70. pasta sauce, spattered back splash
71. smell of pasta sauce from ceiling to floor
72. ear to ear boy grins
73. imaginations, wild west meets Dora the explorer
74. little boy staying in character - it's fun having a sheriff around

75. an especially chatty day with that sheriff/boy.
76. Sheriffs only rule, penned himself, "Your rules are you shall come to my palace if you need anything."
77. The 'sneaky letters' (silent e's)
78. pineapple, perfectly yellow, sugar sweet and golden tart.
79. my beautiful sister, knowing just what I need and getting me pretty sticky notes!
80. the calm during the storm
81. tiny body sprawled on mine, giving away stress to take on sleep.
82. Novocaine, modern emergency medicine
83. sutures holding the broken back together
84. ice cream, sprinkles and cupcakes with pink frosting
85. netflix veggie-tales marathon
86. long rests, snuggles and kisses
87. forgiveness
88. tiniest freckles on 6yo nose
89. vulnerability of friends
90. "I spy, my little eye, something yellow."
91. Colors of beautiful flowers, brightening up the days

92. recipient adoring flowers, holding them close, moving from room to room wherever she goes
93. knitting needles for flag poles

94. waffles, puffy, crunchy pockets for sticky sweet syrup
95. baptism
96. "Neither life nor death shall ever From the Lord His children sever; Unto them His grace He showeth, And their sorrows all He knoweth."
97. washing a pinky wound, praying for healing for the wounds not seen
98. spinning hair, dizzying
99. painting, mixing color after color

100. masterpiece after masterpiece, right at my kitchen table

101. boy colors of fruit - fruits of the spirit, he calls it

102. skype, kids able to read to grandparents and see smiling faces
103. healing beginning 

104.  using her right hand again
105. being special



Marianne said...

#86 of long rests, snuggles and kisses are the best thing ever. My youngest daughter are the best snuggles even though I know it is because she isn't feeling well.
I hope you feel better soon. Blessings and thank you for visiting me.

Geo. said...

A cheerful, thought-provoking list. And the new pillows look great in the sheriff's palace!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

That is awesome fruit of the spirit!