Monday, February 08, 2010

Tiny Miracles

Do you ever look back over your day to find them there? Maybe your week, as mine, seemed unending. Perhaps you, like me, were overwhelmed by some of life's craziness. Yet, remembering these moments of desperation, still I find those miracles snuggled in the inbetween that kept me going.

All the big life stuff can be going haywire but under close examination the seemingly small stuff is a nicely sewn seam connecting moment to moment, day to day and our lives together.

The only catch, I have to remember to look, lest these miraculous moments be whisked away from my memory, leaving only the stress and none of the beauty the day held. The treasures lie in these small daily miracles. I hope you see them too.

1 comment:

Brianne said...

one of my favorite little miracles is when I've got both kids with me at the store and the store employee who's job it is to collect the shopping carts comes by just as I've finished unloading and collects it from me so I don't have to worry about returning it with the kids!