Saturday, February 13, 2010


A local learning center that we love has an event every second Saturday of the month and the kids and I usually try to go after dropping Adam at work.  They always have a theme and this month's was earthquakes

I've talked to my son a bit about what happened just over a month ago and we've prayed for the people in Haiti quite often but some of these hands on learning activities really gave me a much deeper understanding of what happens in the earth. 

First experiment.  Seeing how the damp ground changes when shaken.  Our building began to fall after my son shook the earth.  It was a very clear illustration of how easy it was for buildings to fall due to eathquake liquefaction.

There were many other fun demonstrations but the favorite was one that made a tsunami.

We made a sea shore and placed a people to see where they would stay safe. 

Creating a wave with the plastic lid we watched the erosion.  They stayed safe for only so long until...

...they went for a swim. 

Very effective learning for all of us and a ton of fun.  The most fun is always the hike afterward and today was no exception.  I always wish for my real camera (not my phone) when we are here but never think to bring it, or bring it but never on the hike because it's big and clunky.  So pardon the picture quality...

One hour of excited energy burned off!  Granny and Grampy are arriving soon! One of us will be going to the airport at midnight to get them :) Kids are beside themselves excited, me too. :)


Geo. said...

Butterfly Mama,

From pics, it appears your children are about the ages our youngest two --like yours, homeschooled-- were in '89 during the Loma Prieta quake here. When it struck, I was in climbing gear cabling a Eucalyptis with a split trunk. Neighbors afterward reported other trees distressed and animals skittish before the quake. Years later, I read of elephants fleeing inland before the Sri Lanka tsunami, as tho these life-forms were sensitive to brontides beyond our detection. Made interesting kitchen-table speculation.


Sherri said...

I think the pictures are great. You are lucky to have that place!!