Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is a Highway

Groggily we drove my husband to the airport at 5:20 this morning; it was my second early morning airport run of the week. My parents spent last week visiting and left early Sunday. Not only are we all still going through Granny and Grampy withdrawals, now Daddy is off until Thursday or Friday.

After spending a good chunk of time at the library we headed to Wal-Mart for some retail therapy. Half way through the parking lot with a chilling wind at our faces my son suddenly blurts out, "Save money. Live better. Wal-Mart."

Ah, yeah. Perhaps the TV is on a bit more than normal this week due to the Olympics. However, I can't recall seeing a Wally world commercial myself and putting this thought aside there is the fact that we mostly tape it and fast forward through the commercials, I have no excuses.

After finding the few essentials on my list we pause for a look at the fabric isle because when my husband is gone I cannot stop eating chocolate or biting my nails.  Ok, so you might not think a cute little hawaiian print bathing suit is an essential. How about one with Lego batman guys? No more necessary?  Ah, well as my son said, "After winter is done, we can buy a pool and use them right?"

Anyway, back to the fabric aisle. My five year old meets a boy taller than him and seemingly the same age. Immediately they become superhero enemies complete with pseudo kicks and many details of their powers. Next they are both 'good guys' milling about the metal cabinets.

All the while his mom and I peruse through the fabrics giving the boys a few knowing glances as they stray too far pushing our boundaries. Sharing encouraging nods and words with each other about how boys might as well be aliens because they are, at times, beyond the realms of a Moms understanding.

I find a cute little print and one to coordinate with it and I debate. Not really debate, more of a millisecond pause before I continue my purchase.  I'll find something to do with it and my husband won’t notice the extra yard and a half of fabric surely it will fit in the two bins of fabric I already own right? I've got the sewing machine out and ready to go so I am motivated.

While we meander through the rest of the store I think about my husband who is in my favorite American city, well ok, he is sitting in JFK airport waiting for his connecting flight, but still he's there. In my town, I'm a bit envious until I am awoken by my daughter standing up in the cart almost tipping over the side. Sternly and quietly I tell her to remain seated and sheepishly she smiles at me. I'm suddenly grateful that we are not with my husband awaiting our third flight of the day even if he is headed to Boston, only to be there for the shortest of times before heading back to us, the long way.

On our drive home I contemplate how much freer life will be when he arrives back home with our new to us car. We've been living the single car lifestyle for just shy of a year and a half. I'm not used to having a car around to just pick up and go unless I've dropped him at work. Suddenly it occurs to me, yesterday was the last time I'll have to drive him and pick him up.

A level of spontaneity will return that has been lost for awhile. Not that it was all bad having just the one vehicle. We got to spend a bit of time together in the mornings and evenings talking, singing even sleeping. We were all together.  Now we’ll make up that time together at home and I won’t get to blame a late dinner on traffic anymore.  Maybe I’ll even use that extra 45 minutes to finish all my sewing projects *GRIN* instead of driving.


Nicole McGraw Dorr said...

So Happy for you with the new car! We have been down to 1 (running) vehicle for 2 years now, so I can totally see what a blessing you are getting! Here's to UNPLANNED trips to the park and to see friends! : )

Anna Marie said...

What? How did I miss this? How wonderfully exciting!