Monday, July 23, 2007


Today I was spending a quiet moment with my son, well let me rephrase that. I was resting and watching him play while he was going about playing a chattering away.

I like to just sit and watch him be creative and see his brain working, I also used to randomly video tape these moments too just to see and have a record of all of his different stages. Now our video camera battery only lasts a few minutes per charge and it's on our list of things to buy eventually (hopefully soon.)

Back to today, I just love how he's to the stage where he pretend plays holding one guy talking to another saying "You want to go play at the park. You do, OK, let's go!" As I sat there watching and letting my mind wander I felt like I could see glimpses of who he will become. Not specifics but just generalities that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He'd get this look in his eyes and I could just see that look on his face when he's a young man.

He found a baby doll that was given me for our soon to be new addition at her baby shower over the weekend and also a bottle. He has carried the baby around for the entire rest of the day feeding her milk, burping and changing her diaper. Now she's in bed with him all tucked in. Hopefully he'll understand when his "baby sister" does join our family she won't be able to sleep in his little bed!!

Another day to treasure!!!


Heaven Sent said...

Watching these moments are the best. Somehow seeing them in action makes your heart ache with pride: such creativity, such innocence, such beauty.

And don't worry about the video camera. I know you're recording these moments in your heart, where you'll always remember!

Linds said...

I remember my oldest son putting an old doll in his wagon and racing round the garden with it bouncing all over the place when I was expecting my daughter, and having visions of my baby being hijacked by her brother! It didn't happen, though. I watched out! Wonderful moments to refect and wonder.

New Mama's Nest said...

So sweet! I too, just love to watch X imagine. He's really started to talk to his toys and pretend, he's imagined he's a cowboy for the first time this week!

I think baby dolls are the best preparation for a new babe, it sounds like he'll be an amazing big brother!

Jamie said...

So sweet watching them play. I love watching Avery hold and rock her baby and then give it a bottle and then maybe throw it over her shoulder :)
Sounds like your little man is all ready for his little sister, hope you are ready too!

Amy said...

I just posted about treasuring these precious times. They grow up so fast! :( You've got to be close girl! Can't wait to see the new baby!