Monday, July 16, 2007


What a breath of fresh air to have computers hooked up in our own home again!!! It's been a tad harder than we thought to get settled it since the tenants we had renting here NEVER cleaned! I mean toilets were black and my husband scrubbed the stand up shower 5 times (the last two with a deck brush with those hard bristles) for it to get cleaned. I went out and bought all sorts of chemical cleaners/sanitizers that I never use to clean and sterilize stuff - no I didn't actually use them (fumes), that's what my hubby and my Mom were for. Luckily my Mom and Dad were here last week for a visit so they worked like Cinderella and my own personal handy man to clean and fix some of the damage. Thanks again guys!!

Alas, today I feel better, things are getting done and I'm grateful to be living here. My hubby said to me our first night here while he was mopping the kitchen floor at midnight and I sat sobbing that God was humbling us even more. All of a sudden I was done feeling sorry for us and started feeling grateful that we didn't live in a hut where I have walk a half a mile for water and carry it back on my head! Ah, perspective!

I'm still amazed that you guys still read this blog even though I haven't been retuning the favor. I'll get back to it eventually... but for now here are a couple of pictures of the last month.

Right after our house closed and we moved out we went to church camp where sleep was sparse. This morning I got out of bed wondering why I was sore and stiff. Then I looked at the small edge of the air mattress I was sleeping on!!! :)

One of the best things about camp was seeing our little boy confidently playing with kids of all ages and learning how to explore. Of course rocks, sticks and chasing chipmunks were among the favorites.

These are in Vegas I'm just 34 weeks along there. Now I'm 36 already yikes!!!! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I guess it helps to have many major distractions along the way!!! Now I'm almost done!


Sophie said...

welcome back :)

Sherri said...

You look great!
I'm glad you're getting settled in. It's so hard to move into a house that someone else has lived in...especially hard when they were trashy. I will never forget moving into our first rent house and having to clean up pig poop and roach infested rooms. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice home, but just trashed. I cried many days and nights...I understand!

Glass Half Full said...

Hey cute, pregnant girl! I've missed ya!

Glad you got the house cleaned up. What a task!

Linds said...

I have missed you too! You do look is not long to go now! Three cheers for family! Great you had help settling back in to your home!

Stephanie said...

Yes! She is back!

Staci said...

You look great!!! Can't wait to see that new baby girl!



p.s. take it easy. rest. rest. rest.

Life With All Boys said...

Glad to see you back. You look GREAT. I can't believe your almost there. WOO HOO!!!


Mom said...

Dad and I were so glad to help!