Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some Updates

We seem to be on the up swing of this illness!! After one night of sleeping in the rocking chair and on my sons floor I was so very grateful for the 3 hour nap we took together yesterday. I was even more grateful for the long and good nights sleep I got last night!

I've been wanting to post about this ever since she posted about it last week but our fellow blogging buddy Ashleehas started her very own business!!! It's called Nest and boy do these slings look awesome!! I've never seen more stylish slings and I'm putting it on my list for the new baby! (The Chocolat is my favorite, hint hint! LOL) Anyway, go and check them out if you or someone you know is having a baby. And if you need some reasons why babywearing totally rocks she's listed a bunch here!!! Thanks Ashlee and best wishes on your new adventure!!!!

Some updates on the compact pledge. After a month of really not buying much new I'm much more confident that we can really do this for the year. We did purchase a new duvet cover. Our old one had needed replacing for awhile. I'm sort of considering this in the delicates department since my hubby definitely wouldn't go for a used duvet cover since in the summer we really don't use a sheet just the comforter. - I may just be justifying here :)- Anyway, my brother and SIL gave us a gift certificate to Linen's n things and the duvet was on sale for $33 so we only paid $18 out of pocket. Not too bad in my opinion!

I did find a used baby monitor on Craig's list that I bought since ours would wake us up during the night and randomly get all staticy. This one is older but works great and was $10. (Roughly one-fifth the price we bought ours for just over 2 years ago.) I might not buy many new things again!!! I'm also looking at some maternity cloths too!

The only other new things I've purchased (besides food etc.) is some diaper covers for my son. The ones I had purchased a few months ago shrunk and ripped, and one just disappeared somewhere. These were recommended by Stephanie at Stop the Ride and work wonderfully. I love them SO much I'm so glad that she blogged about them right when I was getting fed up with the one's I had. If my son's size had been available on eBay I would've purchased them there used. I was just desperate and I think it better to keep cloth diapering then wait until some used come available!

If your still with me - my apologies if this got long a boring!!LOL. BUT be sure to go and visit Nest!


Shash said...

I've seen similar ones up here, my friend at church has one and I love it. I wish I wasn't done having kids.... ;-) just kidding - I'm soooo glad we're done. I guess I just have to be the blesser of those giving birth now! That's not so bad eh?!

Wendy said...

I think the compact pledge is such a great idea! I tried to buy most things used too. I have slowly been changing in the area of being more frugal and THINKING before I buy something. I've always been more of a spender than a saver. God knew to match me w/a saver, or I would have been in BIG trouble! :) My husband has helped me a lot in this area. Anyway, all of that to say. Thanks for updating on this. It is a reminder to me to be thinking more about this. I really want to be a good steward of what God has given me and for what my husband works hard for.

I never had a sling, but wish I did. They look very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I think getting great bargains is totally ok!! LOL. The only things I have bought so far are my ecobags for shopping and our air purifier which we had already planned before I took the pledge. I'm noticing sooo much more money in our checking account since I'm not spending money on little things here and there! It's really nice!

OH, and it's that chocolat sling beautiful!! OMGosh, I love it!

Anonymous said...

PS~ today we heard our baby's heartbeat!! I'm 11 weeks today. It was so strong and fast! 164...the doc said that the "nannies" would say it's a girl...but I totally don't buy that stuff. LOL

Stephanie said...

I love slings! Used them more and more with each kid. And those at Nest do look really nice!

Glad the wraps are working out for you!

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the chocolat sling. I'm actually getting that one. As soon as me and Ashlee can meet up. :)

New Mama's Nest said...

Thanks so much for the link! You will be in need of baby gift soon huh? :)

I do hope you get feeling better soon! I'd make you some of my famous Chick-un noodle soup if you were closer (sorry if food sounds like the plague right now!) I don't think it will ship too well though!