Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Day in My Life

I'm playing along with Owlhaven's fun game A Day in My Life! I chose yesterday for my day and since it was my hubby's birthday it's more like a semi-normal day around here but you'll get the picture. I still did my 3 loads of laundry even though I spared you those pictures (except the laundry basket that you see sitting in the family room ALL day!) along with the dishes from the dinner the night before that didn't get done until after lunch!

Since I'm not all tech savvy like many of you I couldn't get a link to put the slide show right on my blog using flicker or flash so hopefully the following link will work!!!!
UPDATED: to add that if you let your mouse hover over the pictures in the slide show you'll be able to see the titles of each picture, otherwise for some reason they don't show up!

Since I'm a nerd I'll also tell you a bit about our day too. If I get long winded, just watch the slide show since it's just stuff I want to remember too. Like the word of the last few days is "zoinks" and I have not a clue how he came up with that one. Cute though!!

Our days pretty much always start the same around here; we get up, let the dogs out of their crate and feed them, fix breakfast - today's was waffles for hubby's birthday but usually it's more like scrambled eggs or cereal topped with yogurt. Then it was time for a bit of TV - Caillou today.

Some days my son is going through that "my self" phase so he gets undressed and dressed with minimal help. He'd been asking to go to the park for days so I told him we could go for 10 minutes today. I had to make a trip to our local coop for some items for hubby's birthday dinner as well as a few other things that we were out of so I picked a nearby park. I don't think I even lasted 10 minutes and as you can see there was still a dusting of snow in the shadows - I think it was about 40 but the wind was chilling!

I actually left the camera in the car at the store but after my son found the "just for me" shopping cart I had to go and get it. I'd never even noticed that they had them there before so we both had fun - yeah it took a little longer but it was worth it.

I guess when you take 173 pictures in one day your kiddo will turn his sippy cup and multiple toys into cameras saying "smile" throughout the day. While I did the night before and all morning/lunch dishes he played happily running between rooms. When I was done all pillows were stripped off the living room couch and he had made a little fort between it and the coffee table. He also was jumping on the couch which I'm still not sure if that's allowed or not but I left it alone for today! He did more playing with his trains and puzzles while I collected ingredients for the birthday cake.While the cake was baking we rested and read books for a quiet time.

I found a terrific recipe for chocolate cake and I have a little story to go with it but I'll be posting that later in the week with the recipe- yes it's from scratch! LOL!

We normally don't eat this fancy but dinner was red rainbow trout with lemon butter sauce, beets and garlic bread. Some of Daddy's favorites. Daddy's little boy picked out the Elmo candle to go on the cake for "my birthday too" I'm pretty sure that Dad was OK with sharing.

Bed time is pretty much the same every night: he takes a bath (4-5 nights a week) or sometimes a shower, gets into PJ's, brushes his teeth then picks out 5-8 books to read (enough to last at least 15-20 minutes or so). I usually read the books and then hubby will come in for prayers, I'll kiss them both goodnight and turn out the light. Hubby sings a few songs and puts him into bed. Since today was one of many days without a nap he was asleep in no time, sometimes he'll sing or talk to himself for awhile too.

Then picture me in front of the computer and then out by the TV folding clothes and that's my day!!!


Nicki said...

Heidi! That was so neat! I LOVED getting to take a peek into your daily life. The slideshow was wonderful. I know I've said this a hundred times...but, your son is sooo adorable!

I keep thinking that I want to do this too. Maybe I will try it tomorrow. We'll see.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Mom said...

So cute! I love the slide show. Save me a piece of cake! What a fun day! I agree with Nicki, he is very adorable!
Note: I can see the titles of the pictures just fine!
Love you all much!

DAD:):) said...

Hi Pal*
I have known for a long time that God Answers Prayers* And the Prayer I prayed in that 'Fox Hole' many years ago 'to come home to America and be Blessed with a Loving Family' has been answered and is still being Abundantly Granted* I am Very Proud of the Woman You are the Family you have and how Lovingly you are raising your Son and my Grandson:)
May God continue to Bless You Greatly Indeed*

owlhaven said...

So very fun!! He is looking more grown up isn't he?


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea this was!! I'd have to clean my house first before I did a day in my life!! ha!

Stephanie said...

How cute! Great slideshow!

It took me too long to figure out how to embed the slide show. I should have just linked like you did! :)

Linds said...

What fun this is! This was the first one I have seen, and it is a greta success. Well done!

Hans said...

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Jamie said...

So so cute!
I especially love the Elmo candles on Daddy's cake, that is too sweet.
What a great idea for a post.

Laura said...

Looks like a fun day. You have some great pictures! And your son is a cutie.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Your son is so cute!

Mamacita Tina said...

What a great idea! I loved the pictures. Funny how similar that would be to our day, guess that's how it would be though for us stay at home moms. We love to watch Caillou first thing, or Teletubbies.

The Elmo candle on the cake - priceless!

Anna said...

What great fun, Heidi! You're such a great mommy and wife--my hubby would just about die in shock if I were to make a cake from scratch for him. :) Thanks for sharing!