Saturday, June 17, 2006

Memories Are Made of Days Like This

This afternoon we drove to a nearby town that was having a festival. Before we went to the actual parade and festival we stopped to pick our own cherries. As we pulled in to the driveway I said aloud "We should have brought the camera." Adam looks at me and I look at him and we sort of shrug it off. See, he is a very good photographer (it's a hobby for him) and he is always the one that grabs the camera but I am always the one to suggest it!

It was really the cutest thing seeing our son doing exactly what we were. He'd reach up high and pick the cherries off the lowest branches and come and drop them into my bucket. All of us really did have a blast. It really became funny because he was being so cute and there were about a dozen or so picture perfect moments. Oh well, I guess that's what God gave us memories for!!! It's also not like we have a shortage of pictures currently there are 452 pictures on our memory card since we last wiped it and the first picture is from 4/22.

Anyway, he watched his first parade today too....really fun day together.

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