Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Kiss Really Does the Trick

The other day I stubbed my toe really good and I was trying not to make a big deal of it since my beautiful son really dislikes it when I hurt myself. If I make it obvious he comes running over saying "ow, Mommy, ow, Mommy" over and over and I didn't want him to get upset. Well being the observant little cutie that he is somehow he still knew I needed him. He came running over and stood infront of me quizzically staring at his silly Mom pursing her lips together to prevent a scream and trying to walk it off. He stood there until I could tell him what happened and then I said do you think you could kiss Mommy all better? Well he did and it really did give me a warm fuzzy and I forgot about the toe. For the record he didn't kiss my toe, just a regular good ol' kiss and hug from a son what could be better?

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Sophie said...

Heidi! I saw your posting on mary's blog, and was wondering if it was you. welcome to the blogging world :) i continue to be a lurker without a blog (kinda like a rebel w/o a cause, yes?) since I don't have a whole lot of excitement to write about... but I'll bookmark ya so i can keep track of your life :) See ya soon!