Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Yikes, this week got away from me and my Father's day cards didn't get into the mail! Honestly, I really don't worry much because I know that my Dad loves me regardless of what I do or don't do for him. Just as with our Heavenly Father we can't do anything to earn that kind of love. Our love for each other has been a lifetime in the making and I am so grateful for it everyday of my life!!! (I thought about mailing it today but I'd rather hand deliver it when I see him this week, yippie!) I just love the above picture of my Dad with my son when he was just two weeks old, so sweet. I took this picture of Adam and our cutie a couple of weeks ago. I just love how they are both relaxing in the shade of a very large tree and it is a reminder for me of that perfect family day. I just can't believe how my love for him has grown as our son has. It brings tears to my eyes just knowing how much he loves us. I am constantly telling N throughout the day that it's because Daddy loves you so much he leaves to go to work, but daddy's heart is still right here with you. You really have to have a HUGE heart to leave it at home for a long work day. Our son is so blessed to have you for his father. Happy Father's Day.


proud auntie said...

MORE pictures, I love my nephew, and you guys too!

Sophie said...

Great post :) How wonderful that we have a Heavenly Father that knows everything we do, think, and feel, and STILL loves us more than we can even imagine... Thanks for reminding me Who we really should be celebrating :)