Thursday, June 15, 2006

Looking Forward to Travel

I know that I will miss my hubby very dearly when baby bear and I travel to visit friends and family in LAla land and central California next week. I never sleep very well without him by my side, and I'm thrilled and grateful that we both do MUCH better together that we get along apart! This morning I have decided that the one thing I won't miss will be ironing his shirts even though I have learned to make ironing bearable and maybe even fun (thanks Mom). My Mom told me of a woman that when asked about ironing her hubby's shirts she said that she wanted to do it because it was like giving her husband a big hug everyday. I really like that image and I do use the time to pray for his day and learn new songs (I have a fold out ironing board and I have lyrics taped to the door and inner portion of the cabinet.) So far I've learned stuff from the King and I, Sound of Music and the rest of the verses to Jesus loves me, (who knew it had more than just the one!), among others. In fact today I'd better print out some new lyrics since I'll need to have a massive ironing fest over the weekend so he'll have enough while I'm gone. I guess after writing this I just might miss this time more than I thought! (BTW I will learn how to format this so that I don't end up with a run on paragraph. I just haven't taken the time yet!)

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I love this story! Mom