Tuesday, January 19, 2010

word play, bird stay

My son loves rhymes, and I do mean LOVES, like hugs. He has loved them for a long time now, yes, go ahead and take a bow. Finding words that rhyme, (really it is just sublime) real or silly is quite fun. Yup, a ton of fun. Usually I'm all on board, but first you must put down that sword. I love fun, a ton. Rhyming is fun, yeah like playing in the sun. Therefore I love rhymes. (I even eat limes.) Easy peasy.

The day came he said a rhyme that took the fun and made it done. He latched on to comm*e mommy. It happened one day a month or so ago and now he cannot let it go. I need to let it go today it's not a word I like to say. I didn't make a big deal back then, I thought with a blink it would be gone, had no idea it would stay so long. Once in awhile popping out of my tiny child’s mouth.

He's lucky that his Mommy's sadness never turned to full blown madness.....or maybe this is proof that it has!

Pardon my silliness. :D

The rhyme irks me just under the point of fighting the battle. You know, and then it becomes another word that is BIG in his mind. Like stupid and damn are words he'll get attention for. I plan to just see where it goes, surely it will get dropped in a blink. 

It's so hard to fight every battle as a parent. Knowing which ones are the big ones and which ones we can pick and choose through are hard. Knowing what is just a phase and what is here to stay is a challenge. Not to mention (the most important part) being consistent in the battle, using each day as an opportunity to re-teach, re-speak and re-love our children.

I’m loved, he’s loved and I’m trying to be consistent where it matters.

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