Monday, January 11, 2010

Music in life

If you still are in doubt that one person can change the outlook of many take a look at Josh Wilson singing during massive delays at Newark airport last week.

My kids got a kick out of it because they sing Hey Jude around the piano with their of these day's I'll figure out how to convert our videos... not today though.  Interesting to see everyone all bummed at the beginning and many people more relaxed and smiling as he went on.

Is there a quote about a pebble? Where it is thrown into a pond and the effect of the ripples extends vastly beyond the size of the small pebble.  Or am I making this up? The hardest part, is actually picking up the pebble.

I tell my kids (because they occasionaly tire of my singing) that singing makes people happy and we all want Mommy to be happy right?  This just further solidifies my opinion that life needs to be a bit more like a musical.

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Wendy said...

Love this!