Saturday, January 09, 2010


You may have heard this before, but I just heard it this past Wednesday at a bible study I've been going to since September. I searched a bit, found many different versions, but could not find anyone to give credit to.
A little boy approaches a pastor and politely says “Excuse me, sir?"  To which the pastor replied, "Yes?" Then bent down to the boys level on one knee. "You said everyone should have Jesus in their hearts, right?" The boy asked, uncomfortably playing with his untucked shirt.

"That's right, son." The pastor replied "Does He live in your heart?"

"Well, I'd like Him to," the boy said, nervously. "But I keep thinking Jesus is a big tall man and I'm so little, He's just too big – He's just gonna stick out all over!"

On to the second week of 2010 (anyone else writing '010) we go, one day at a time. Taking the time each day to let Jesus out of us to touch one another, something simple, something that shows we care, we've been there or a simple prayer.
It's possible I've been reading too much Dr. Seuss this year already. :) Really, Jesus is too big to stay captive in our hearts, lets let him burst out of us this year and shine His blessings.

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