Sunday, August 02, 2009

Recycled Catch

An evening a couple of weeks ago, as has often happend this Summer, we were all playing outside. My son had his baseball in one hand and a dirty water jug missing a bottom in the other. I could see his brain working, the bottomless jug had become a funnel for the sand box last summer and lived there ever since.

Watching his face as he put the wiffel ball into the open end and then threw the unit up toward the sky as if he knew this dirty plastic had a bigger purpose. Then he caught the ball safe, back in its sand caked trap. After awhile, he came over to me and making sure he had my full attention explained that some changes would make it work better.

You know what, he was right! He took his finger and showed me where there needed to be a difference in the shape of the bottle, it needed to angle down on both sides and scoop down in the front. He actually supervised my use of the scissors as I snipped the old dusty plastic saying, "Yup, that's good, that's good."

After seeing how much fun he was having with it he encouraged me to make three more (all just as supervised) so we all could play together. And you know what, we do! The best part about it is that he figured out what he wanted for a new game and how to make it for FREE!! Both resourcefuI and creative now that's my boy. Yeah, he gets it from his dad mostly but still... ;-)


Mike said...

Very creative. My sons use my very expensive golf set as guns.


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Aunt Mimi said...

Very ingenious!!! You may have an inventor there!!
Love and miss you all

Proud Granny said...

Very creative and resourceful! What an eye he has to watch you and guide your cutting!

John said...

I love this idea Heidi! What a good 2nd use for these containers and it's fun for the kids. I'll remember this one.