Saturday, August 29, 2009

Give Me a High Five!

It's birthday season in the cocoon here and my son's birthday comes just eight days after his baby sister's. (Incidentally, mine is eight days after my husband's too - unless it's leap year.) Now I've got a five year old. It's just too surreal the changes in him that have happened this summer.

He just loves to make his sister laugh. Learning to tell a few jokes and he's pretty good at delivering the punch line too. A couple favorites? Why do gorillas have big nostrils? Because they have big fingers. And what did one volcano say to the other? Do you lava me like I lava you?

Ha, ha!!! Seriously,he is full of energy and spirit and love. While he really does find joy in making the rest of us giggle and belly laugh he also loves to read and Ralph S Mouse is our current adventure. So much fun. I'm so grateful to get to see all this learning and changing daily! He adds so much color to our daily life and so much love. I love you my great big five year old. You are my little knight in shining armor and I adore you!

A conversation between my Mom and him the other day:

Granny: How does it feel to be five for a whole day?

Son: Great! Am I going to be five all day?

G: you are going to be five for a whole year.

S: I just can't believe it!


Between My son and I last Saturday:

Mommy, is tomorrow church?


Great! I can go and play with my friends and sing and praise God!


Instead of saying triple, he'll say, "look it's a double three."


Five seems like one of the launching pads to independence and it is great! Almost every day he does something that I have to fight away a tear in my eye lately. Leaps more independent than how he was last year and even this past winter. It's been a very big summer, taking off training wheels, pumping on the swings and full of watching things just "click" and him really "get it".

Besides him physically changing is the things that he's into, he loves to play superhero it's a fun game for when I'm actually stuck in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. We'll pretend I'm stuck in a cage, a sinking ship, a stinky shoe or wherever else our imaginations go and he'll come to my rescue.

Or with his sister he'll pull all the little chairs into the living room and have a show. Puppet, rock star, who knows what but they both like to get it all set up and organized. Tiny legos, superhero action figures, it all seems so big boy to me. Yeah, he's even starting to get that sweaty little boy smell after playing outside. I guess it's official, he's a boy!

We all love you my little BIG boy!

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