Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hey Diddle Diddle

Yesterday we had a fun day searching for wild huckleberries. We found and picked for awhile with some friends. I also use the word "we" rather loosely as it was our friend who found the berry plants on what we affectionately now refer to as huckleberry hill.

If you've ever read that book with little Sal on Blueberry Hill our experience was remarkably similar. Minus the bears, thankfully! My daughter ate berries right off the bush and my son would collect them in his cup until there were several and then he would eat them. Let me tell you, it takes awhile to pick a pint of huckleberries!

The hilly terrain was fun to hike around including a brief rainfall where we all stood under a densely branched pine tree. The kids are still talking about the adventure of the day, how when my son hiked with the boys to the top of a slope I looked this tiny (holding his fingers a couple inches apart.) And exaggerating slightly I'm sure! Also my baby keeps asking for more 'huhuberry' and 'up mountain.'

A funny conversation between my son, husband and I ensued since the land where we were looking had many groups of free roaming cattle.

"Cows can jump really, really high."

Adam and I replied in near unison, "Well, actually cows don't jump at all."

His sincere reply, "how do they jump over the moon then?"

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