Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Baby Goose at Two

I thought it a bit funny several months back, that my daughter's first sentence was to our dog. "No lyler eat, MINE!" She emphatically proclaimed in the dining room. The dog's name is Tyler by the way and since then she has been just a chatterbox at trying new words. Not hard to fathom in our family where her older brother just proudly admitted to his Granny tonight (after she explained what the word speechless meant) that no he'd never had that happen because, "I talk really a lot." At least he told the truth!

Last week my baby girl turned two. Twos are fun, great and full of learning. Lots of giggles and a love of life now that more understanding is taking place. I find it amusing how people always comment on how quiet she is when we go places. Well, other than chattering in the middle of church I guess! LOL! My son too was quite the observer at this age.

I love watching this learning, absorbing and watching with all present eyes. I think we could learn more about other adults to practice this every so often. My true joy however comes when we are at home and her true personality comes shining out. And shine I do mean, everything about her is a ray of light to every family member. She babbles and chats and smiles and giggles and sings and yells and happily attempts to recite bible verses (a couple words anyway.) We've affectionately nicknamed her the hurricane because you never know where she's going to go next or what she'll find to tear apart and play with, climb on, or fit inside.

She melts her fathers heart with her hugs, cuddles and smiles. Not to mention tickles and running hugs! She makes her brother's day by not backing down from a good ol' fashioned rough and tumble. Not to mention the fun those two are starting to have together, man I can see that she will follow along with him for awhile but she won't hesitate to assert herself either. She's got to stand up to her very bossy big bro and she's got the skills! She melts my heart with her giggle and smile she literally is my burst of sunshine. I love her giving spirit, constantly asking "help you" and wanting to do everything big brother does!

So as my second hits her second birthday I am amazed at the hand of God and so thankful he has blessed our family with this baby girl.

I wish you my sweet spunky one the happiest of happy birthdays and you are adored and loved with all our hearts.

Things we want to remember about you at this stage:

  • You lift your leg behind you when you stand around holding onto a wall or Grandma's gate.
  • You'll just start doing little sashes out of the blue like life is a song you hear.
  • At times you are still a bit attached to Mommy (and I rejoice in it, even revel) and enjoy our extra cuddles as we extend or nursing out a bit longer than average.
  • When I lay you in your crib you ask for "ov me" (Jesus loves me) one more time while you nod your head at each "yes" at the and for the last the bible tells me sooooooo!
  • "Written Down" over and over and "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word will by no means, pass. a..way!" You've got those down!

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Linds said...

Heidi, I remember so clearly when she was born, and I can't believe she is 2 already! She is so like her brother was at the same age, and oh how she has grown!
The photos are just beautiful. Enjoy every moment, and keep writing down the little things, because it is so easy to forget!Happy Birthday, little one!