Friday, December 17, 2010


I need to take the babies to the store.  I'll change the diaper, but you need to feed them the milk. Awwwww, don't cry, you're okay. Stop arguing right now, fine, time out. It's night, night time, sweet dreams.  Morning time, time to wake up and get dressed sweeties. 
I love when my children play babies, my daughter is such a tender mom, flinging a baby on each hip and changing diapers like a pro.  There is a tender place in my heart for these times.  I remember playing that way, now I'm the mom, how on earth!?!  Seems like I could be back in the room with the burnt orange and brown shaggy carpet with a large wooden cradle stuffed to the gills with my babies. 

Taking the role of Dad seriously I smile at the tenderness my son shows in only these times. Being the people person he is, he's happy to play babies if it's all his sister will do, even though he'd rather play with his super hero figures, legos or firemen. I adore him for that.

I also adore that when another little boy told him that boys don't like babies (we were cooing over a baby that was baptized) he stood his ground and said yes we do!  They need a Dad too! 


Beth said...

Well good for him!! You can tell him that MY son played with dolls with his little sister too until littlest sister got old enough to play with her instead. He was a very good Daddy to the dollies! :)

Mary said...

It has been a while since I popped in to take a peek at your family. I am glad I came today. They are so, so sweet. A testimony to good parenting. It was not so much that your son was willing to play babies that melted my heart - rather,that he understands the beauty and necessity of doing so. have a lovely and blessed Christmas.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I love it, too!!