Saturday, December 18, 2010


When one child decides to upend a behavior, about face and totally change, what can I do?  Besides pull my hair out, talk until my eyes bug out, what!?

I'm hoping it's just the excitement of the season, but my little girl, takes hours to fall asleep.  It used to take her five minutes.  I was used to this when my son was her age, he always took hours to get to sleep, I learned that there is no super glue safe for eyelids *wink.*

I know that there is nothing I can do to make another person fall asleep - even though she says every night that if she can sleep in my be she'll go right to sleep- ya, right.  It is just really throwing me for a loop this time.

For everything there is a season, I suppose, I'm having a glass of water toasting this a short season.  Yespleasethankyou! Really, I'm just glad she still climbs into bed with us early morning, it's the only time I get to snuggle her anymore. 

She's so busy, she loves babies, puzzles, games and pretty much anything that is mine!  Seriously, she loves making a mess, but this is not a new behavior, also grateful she can clean up after herself more.  If it's not toothpaste on the walls, it's diaper cream on stuffed animals or foaming handsoap in the doll house for a bubble bath. 

Then there are stickers stuck to every surface not to mention water.  God help us if I leave a cup of water upstairs, it gets poured out into a teapot or other suitable or unsuitable container, for that matter, then refilled until forcibly removed. Yesterday topped them all: fabric paint on the carpet.  I was so grumpy about it, but it comes out easier than diaper ointment thanks to Dawn, my trusty friend. 

She is so creative and imaginative and I love and admire that.  Life does come with limitations, or at least the house we live does.  I believe we are above the mazimum allowable cups of water dropped on the carpet already!


Aunt Mimi said...

Have you tried while laying in bed with her after reading a book and counting to 100? Jonathan was always asleep by 50!

Butterfly Mama said...

No, I'll have to try that!