Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three! Already?!

Three years ago, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl!

Birth story: Part one, Part two

Now she how knows to do lots of things.

Watching. Learning.

Smart, witty, giggles, pony tails, baby doll, independent, cozy snuggles, busy busy, rainbows and sunshine and a heart full of love.

I'm so grateful to know and adore this little girl.


Mom said...

I am so grateful that you have her! :)

Linds said...

I can't believe she is 3 already! I remember her arrival so well, Heidi. That means I have known you for 4 years at least. Wow. Happy Birthday to the not so little one!

Dad , AKA Grampy:) said...

She reminds me of her Mommy:)) So Happy You are enjoying similar wonderful experiences as Mom & I:))
We are All Very Blessed* Thank You Lord:)

Sherri said...

It seems like only yesterday that she was born! She is such a pretty little girl!! I love her blond hair.

Anonymous said...

The birthday party was fun. :)


Nobara!! said...


She is a beautiful girl, has a sweet little face of being super ambitious and with desire of learning.

Geo. said...

Butterfly Mama,

A magic time, childhood. My own daughter is grown, but I remember. Her inqusitive gaze has remained constant. But as she grew, a strength did also. Those eyes can electrocute at quite a distance, so I watch my step. Yes, I'm a little afraid of my beautiful, intelligent daughter --as are her brothers, boyfriend and students. We get scolded, but wouldn't have missed a moment of it all. Pardon my channeling the spirit of parenthood-future. it's where I happily am now.


Sherri said...


Anonymous said...

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