Friday, May 08, 2009

Mommy's Day, Another Perspective

Mother's Day seems to be getting me back into blogging mode for whatever reason. I've just been keeping things close to the heart for the last month or so. It's not a lack of writing, just the lack of publishing my rants, poems, and loves.

Stepping up and I'm sure tired of clicking over here and still seeing the same stuff about the Easter bunny, my Mom has written something about me and for me to post here. I'm touched by what she wrote, I love you Mom.

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From Heidi’s mom, to honor her this month for Mother’s Day.

When, in March I was looking for new blogs here, she suggested I write one about my visit in February. A few weeks later I wrote a rough draft and have been thinking about it since. As Mother’s Day approaches I want to share this visit from a different viewpoint than I originally planned. Yes, I have many fun memories of my visit; however the best ones are of a special mother.

Heidi, where has the time gone? It seems such a short time ago that I was tying your wispy strands of hair out of your eyes, now I see you dong the same with your daughter. Or playing a game with you as I see you with your son.

Not that long ago you helped me bake, or put away the laundry. These and many more loving moments I enjoyed watching you share with your children. It is very special that you are raising your children to love God and Jesus, while teaching them the Golden Rule, to love one another as He loves us.

Time does fly when you are having fun! The way I see it you are having fun raising, caring, molding, and loving your children.

Heidi, although we live too far to enjoy a Mother/Daughter treat in person this month, it is a treat to write a blog entry.

Hugging arms
Ever loving
Interested in learning
Dynamically creative
Inviting laugh

I love you very much and I bless you, child of mine!

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Thanks Mom, I hope this will jump start a round of postings around here... ;-)


Mom said...

Thanks for all the memories!
I love you!

Anna said...

OH, that is so sweet! She sure did raise a wonderful young woman! I've appreciated her so very much these last 4 years!