Monday, May 11, 2009


A conversation heard by a fly sitting on the living room ceiling yesterday afternoon. <\p>

My 4.5 year old son: Mommy, what is this ploping down like rain.
Me: Clumps of dust.
Son: But why is it ploping down like rain, I mean like snow?
Me: Ah, because I haven't dusted this fan in a long time.
Son: Why don't we dust it everyday.
Me: Because I have to get out the ladder to do it.
Son: Why do we need a ladder, because you are not tall like daddy?
Me: Right, but even Daddy needs a ladder.
Son: But why does it have to plop down like snow? I want it to be snowy like this outside.
Me: It doesn't usually snow this late in the spring many places.
Son: Why does it not snow anymore.
Me: Because that's how God made the earth to have seasons.
Son: Oh. Me: (Yeah, I can see him thinking) son: Why did God have to make, snow and not snow and deserts?
Me: Because he's God. Can you switch the fan on please? Son: (Switching on the fan) Why?
me: So that I can make sure it is going the right way. Can you turn it off now please?
Son: Why?
Me: Because it's blowing all the dust around, we'll vacuum it after your sister wakes up. Now, let's go playoutside until the napper wakes up and we can vacuum.

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Asking the right questions. That's how smart people develop.

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