Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's pancakes

When my husband travels (once every three months or so) for work I always try to make things extra fun because I know the kids miss him. Usually breakfast for dinner is a way to make the evening a bit less stressful too.

Well, it was just a couple days before valentine's day and I made (very pitiful) heart and mickey mouse shaped pancakes.

While I was making them I told him that the heart ones didn't really look very much like hearts, but more like triangles. When I brought them over to him he said, "You did it Mommy, you made hearts, I knew you could do it!"

Then, holding one of the triangular hearts up to his chest he says, "Mommy, you make my heart SUPER happy!"

I am so very very blessed!!!


RA! (RamiFede) said...

yeah, i like it. lol.
here there are not this food :(

Mike and Melissa said...

LOL - I made heart scones for Valentine's day! We must be related :)