Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pardon Me?

Whoever is stealing precious minutes from my day please, please, PLEASE return them to their rightful owner. Moi! Seriously, this is my first blog post for the month!

Sigh, I don't even have anything going on I'm not planning a wedding or awaiting a new arrival or anything fun I seriously am just loosing time.

Ugh, here are a few photos because it's what I have time for!


Mary said...

That son of yours is a rel little charmer - makes me smile. And as for your daughter - way too cute.

Don't worry about the slack postings - just write one a day from now on - that should cover it ;)

Linds said...

Oh those kiddies of yours are absolute cuties! I cannot believe how big they are now. And I love the family photo!

No news re the Bump yet....sigh. This is dreadful, the waiting!

Post when you can, Heidi. We will be here!

Sherri said...

I hate it when I find myself falling behind on blogging. I hate getting behind with it!
I love your family pic...adorable!