Monday, April 14, 2008

A lot can happen in a week...

Indeed, we gave our dogs away, but like a boomerang at high speed they came back. The woman we gave them to was surprised to find out that they chased her chickens. Go figure!

On Saturday we drove Molly to her new family who seems very nice and loving and we are keeping Tyler for now. He hasn't tried to nip at me since those last episodes and is content to be outside for the bulk of the nice days so it's a win win so far.

On the home front we have been painting the entire inside of our house for the last week and a half. Talk about an undertaking. It is hard enough to keep up with all my daily chores without tearing things up room by room to paint. I'd say we are two thirds done now, we just have bathrooms and the master to finish. I wish we had done this when we moved in (I briefly mentioned here about the lack of cleaning our tenants did.) The baseboards and walls have been full of nicks and holes and now everything looks so nice and homey! Alas, we are getting our house ready to go on the market for another move and I can see how the new paint will make a huge difference. Hubby is still faithfully searching for work and we're praying a lot more can happen this week!

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