Monday, April 07, 2008

For about three months now we've been wavering on the decision to give away our dogs. When we lived in San Diego we had one trainer ask us "how much do you really love these dogs?" in response to how we could better train them. Basically, they are not trainable. To make matters worse in the last couple weeks our older dog Tyler snapped and bite me twice for no reason other than my hand was in the air.

They only listen when we raise our voices and we are sick of our kids being around constant yelling. Without going into the whole thing we decided today it was in everyone's best interest (including Molly and Tyler's) to find them a new home. It came almost instantly. It was one of those God things the woman called and it just seemed a good fit.

It was weird tonight when I came down from putting my daughter to bed not to have dogs to feed and let outside and I will miss them dearly. Before we had kids they used to sleep at the foot of our bed but now they spent much more time in their crate. They will be happier with bigger kids around to give them more attention.

I almost can't get over the mommy guilt. I know that when you adopt a dog they become your responsibility and I feel a bit like I failed. I know however that I am being honest with myself that amidst all the other stress going on having two high maintenance dogs with my wonderful two small children was just more than I could handle.

My son threw quite many a temper tantrum in the two hours before the woman came after we had told him but since they've been gone he hasn't mentioned them once. I'm sure it will come up but for now it feels peaceful.

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Mamacita Tina said...

Oh, so sorry, that had to be a difficult decision, but one made for the betterment of all (including the dogs).