Friday, December 07, 2007

One is never enough

There's no way one picture could actually sum up an entire 10 days of multi-generational family fun so we'll test out just how many I can put in one post ;o)

Let me back up for a minute, before our trip we took out some books about vacations and airplanes to prepare. My son was prepared for everything, check in, security, waiting at the gate it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Boarding and finding row 11 even buckling and unbuckling the seat belt was a breeze. Taxiing out to the runway, he knew take off was imminent. "We're taking off, we're taking off." Was gleefully heard at least 4 rows either direction.

We got above the clouds and I hear this little, "Mommy we going to land now?" Apparently no book can prepare you for the 2 hours 20 minutes of flying time in between those two great airplane trip events. I'm just grateful it was so short because he kept asking about every 10 minutes or so until we were about to land. On the return trip it was after we landed that he kept saying, "Mommy I want to take off again."

We arrived midday on a Sunday and spent the rest of that day visiting with my wonderful Aunt and Uncle who kindly let us turn their house upside down with kiddo stuff. The next day since we were still well rested we decided to go to the zoo which was a ton of fun. Our little girl slept the entire day away in her carrier and our big kiddo was off to the races, excitedly exploring snakes, elephants, koalas, pandas and polar bears to name a few. I was tired at the end of it all and he walked almost as much excepting one small piggy back ride from Daddy. Here's a couple pictures of the zoo day.

Our 3 year old thought the Gorillas were in a time out sitting with their backs to the glass viewing wall.

My Gram and my son during one of their many play times. It's awesome for me to see her playing with him since I have so many memories of her playing with us. And hello how many Great-grandparents actually get down on the floor to play with their great grand kids! She's so awesome and while I won't mention her age she'll be 81 years older than my son at the end of this month. She is another one of our many blessings!!!!

This one was taken the next day when we were at the beach I described yesterday. a rouge wave had just knocked him down as happens to us all when we turn our back on the ocean. Mom and Dad were both yelling RUN and he stood there looking at us blankly. It really wasn't that big but more of the surprise factor for him.

Making holiday rolls (a family tradition) with, from my son's right: Great-Gram, her sister Aunt Lucille and Aunt Mimi (her back to us).

Hangin' out with the guys.

Since it's getting late, I'll end with this cutie one for now.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

These are all really great pics!


Linds said...

Wonderful photos, Heidi! It is all about family and those we love most, isn't it...