Monday, December 10, 2007

Taking a break

from vacation pictures (I do have a few more to edit) to share some current stuff. I slept for 6 hours in a row last night! The scary thing is that I went to bed an hour and a half after my daughter fell asleep nursing at 9:30. She slept for 7.5 hours and I'm so not ready for that - I'm just now feeling like my supply has leveled out for the day. Think Dolly Parton but more on the scale of Angelina Jolie really (I could only wish.) Alas, I digress.

On Saturday we went to a local learning center that has environmental events once a month and this one was about "how to have a green Christmas." It was fun and free, we all made ornaments out of used items. I even made (a quite ugly) one out of little red and white legos. In theory I think it might be nice to have one ornament that it's okay to play with since I only glued some of them, the rest can be rearranged. We'll see how that works out.

I also was pointed to this website, It has tons of great information, I've been reading off and on all day. They have some great information on how to have a green Christmas. Amongst tons of great ideas my favorite fact is, "Over a 30-day period, lighting 500 traditional holiday lights will cost you about $18.00 while the same number of LED lights costs only $0.19." Talk about savings.

We also made an oregami gift box which was fun. My son keeps asking me to make more out of magazine pages. Click on the link for directions. Just thought I'd share, hope all my 'puter friends are having a wonderful Christmas season!


Sherri said...

I want to try that looks so fun!!!!! I'm not sure if mine would come out so neat!!!

Anna said...

Yay for sleep! Maybe this will become a trend??? :)

Amy said...

Oh man. I remember the days when my kids would sleep but my boobs wouldn't. I'd wake up either in pain, desperate to wake up a sleeping baby for relief, or laying in a wet bed, next to a wet husband (that went over well), and feeling cold. I used to set up my pump to "let off milk" during the one feeding that they would wake up for. I couldn't go all night for quite sometime.