Thursday, November 08, 2007


An actual conversation with my 3 year old. (My hubby just happened to be on speaker phone at the time so he didn't have to miss out!)

He comes inside and says, "Mommy I eat two bugs in my tractor, I really, really I do."

Insert awkward silence here.

I say, "You really ate two bugs?"

He says, "Yup, they yummy in my tummy!"

My reply, "Thank you for telling Mommy, next time lets just leave the bugs alone I think they are yucky." He expresses more interest to go play outside I say sure and then say, "Hey, you have no problems eating bugs, but spinach and broccoli you have trouble with?" A little "Yup" follows as he runs back out and Adam starts cracking up!

After about a half hour he comes inside and says, "We don't eat spiders blaaaaah. We do eat bugs they yummy." After taking off his shoes and sweatshirt he asks me. "Mommy what do spiders eat. (This is a very common question that he's asked about every animal he knows - I've actually had to look up the answers to some like, "What do Beavers eat?") Anyway, he says, "What do spiders eat?".

I say, "Um, spiders eat bugs and flies."

Maybe for next Halloween Spiderman will be more appropriate.

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Granny said...

I am so totally cracking up!