Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fire Starters

Growing up we had a wood burning stove for awhile as well as a fireplace. My Dad was a pro at making a wonderful fire. I have fond memories of standing by his side carefully rolling newspaper and stacking kindling. Later I can remember my Mom making fire starters to help things along.

We have a gas fireplace in our current house which is I'm sure better for lots of reasons but lacks the ambiance of a crackling fire. I love how homey a fire makes a room with it's popping and crackling and warmth like a giant hug. So a couple years ago my hubby got me a little fire pit chimney for outside. I love it and so I decided to make some fire starters to use out there this winter.

How to make firestarters...(They are SO easy!)

First collect a couple of cardboard egg crates and your dryer lint for a week or so, depending on how many you want to make and how much laundry you do. ;)

Take the lid off the egg carton and recycle it or use it as kindling. Then stuff the egg pockets with the lint.

While you are doing this you can start a double boiler melting some wax. I just used some candles I've never used and some small ends of already burnt ones. When the wax has melted pour over the lint allowing enough to soak a bit into each section of lint in the carton.

When dry cut each section out and you're done. Depending on the size of your fire you may need more than one, but one is usually enough to get things going. Just light a corner of the cardboard on fire and it will burn for about five minutes.


HowToMe said...

That's a super idea! My parents used to do something similar (but messy!!) with pinecones, sawdust and wax. It made pretty Christmas gifts, but what a mess to make. Your idea is very practical and I like it! :-)

Cindy said...

I can attest that these work great. I learned to make them at Boy Scouts with my son. Thanks for sharing this great MIFS idea!

Anonymous said...

Great use for those excess egg cartons we have.

Quilter Mom said...

These do work great, and if you happen to be fresh out of dryer lint, you can make them without, and they still work fine. We just wet down the cardboard with the melted wax, not even making a puddle in the bottom.