Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who me????

I won!!!! We all know that the wonderful women at 5 minutes for mom have terrific contests each week. I wanted to say thank you to Susan and Janice for having a great site (which I thought even before I won!) and for making blogging that much more fun for the rest of us!!!

So in about 2-4 weeks I'll be able to show you a wonderful personalized alphabet book from Amy at Sweet Arts Design. These are so sweet, and Amy's customer service has been wonderful. We'll be getting the English and Spanish one. I think it will be a perfect gift for our little guy!!

Plus there's another contest going on at Adventures in Babywearing. Stephanie's giving away a bunch of great stuff from Mason & Matisse. I'm kind of last minute posting about this but you have until 9am tomorrow to go and enter!!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Heidi- YOU WON AGAIN! You won the Mason & Matisse contest! I am so glad for you!! When you get a chance, email me your address! Congrats!


mama k said...


I'm jealous, you lucky duck! :)

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

LOL. . .you never would have thought you'd win twice in a row!!


Stephanie said...

WOW! Showers of blessing! :)