Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Missing the dirt under my nails

I've updated my keep or tosspost to let you know what I decided! Also, If you missed the Make If From Scratch Carnival like I did today there are some really cool things up this week.

This past Saturday we went to a hike and Mother's Day craft at a local nature learning center. It was totally free and my son loved painting me this gorgeous pot and planting the little yarrow plant. Can ya'll tell I'm loving my first little crafty Mother's Day gift!!!???!!!

I love looking through the paper on Saturday mornings for a family activity for us. Many times things are free like this one was which is an added bonus. We also love to pack a picnic lunch and find somewhere to eat - we've done this almost every nice weekend this spring so far.

Anyway, having a new potted plant around made me really miss my garden. This time last year we had beets, broccoli, spinach and lettuce coming up already and my tomatoes were almost ready to get into the ground along with others. This year the only thing in the garden is lettuce - a ton since I let a couple plants go to seed last year and a few spinach plants. We've been enjoying these at most meals but I'm wishing I had just planted stuff even though we are selling our house.

I don't want to complain because I am lucky to live in a place with many farmers markets to purchase wonderful local produce, I just love tending to the garden. It's my soul food in the summer, a time when I can see God's hand at work in the soil and when I can get some treasured quiet minutes each evening while I weed or harvest a squash for dinner.

After our hike and picnic on Saturday my hubby took our son to the grocery store so he could get a few things for dinner for that night and Sunday. (He grilled me a delicious eggplant at my request and it was the best!) Usually when they both go somewhere I wander, not knowing quite what to do with myself. Wander around putting laundry away, debate taking a nap, blogging, doing the dishes, watching tv, etc. But that day I went out to my little seedlings, I planted them a little late, but I'm sure they'll grow to give me fruit. I potted two tomato plants and two basil plants. The tomatoes will need to be potted up once more since these pots are still to small but they work for now and I'll still be able to taste some fruits of my labor this year even with a new baby due and a move in the future.


Heaven Sent said...

What I love most about your blog is the sense of "peace" I get from it. From your crafts to your "frugal living" and nature-inspired ways, it really gives me a wonderful, warm feeling. And a little envy. I strive to bring some of this to my life. You are awesome!

Mom said...

What a treasure for you!

Stephanie said...

I agree, working in the garden is very calming, well until you get behind or are buried in the harvest! :)

Good luck with selling the items!

Mike said...

Love the paint in the pot. Hope I could do just one like that.


Linds said...

That planter is lovely! And I know what you mean about gardens. I planted more beans this last weekend, and have more stuff to go int othe allotment this coming one too. Rocket is a favourite, and i must get it started.

I am so glad you kept your wedding dress!

Sherri said...

My inlaws always plant a garden between our house and theirs...yep, we live beside them. Madison loves helping Mimi in the garden...we love eating the wonderful food from it.
I asked Jeff for some flowers and things for my beds this year. I didn't do a lot with them last year, but missed it. I have some things up that come back every year, but want to add to it.
My gardenia bush bloomed on Mother's Day, which was very special to me because I planted it in honor of my Mother, who died when I was 15. I thought it was very ironic that it bloomed on Mother's Day. I'm going to post a picture of it on my Blog as soon as I can get around to it.
I'm glad you had a good day!