Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time Well Spent

Awhile ago my very good friend sent me this wonderful link which by the way just made me teary reading it again for at least the 4th time! If you have a few minutes to read this link I promise it's worth your time.

I just love this perspective. I am just as guilty as the next Mom (more so even) of trying to find something to occupy my son (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood) while I fix dinner quickly - even though he loves to help me. I do feel that I spend a lot of time with my 2 year old son but I also find time to justify why there’s not as much quality in that time.

Along with simplifying life around the Butterfly home I am putting an effort forth to spend even more quality time with my son. After all in about 30 weeks (can we hope for 28.5!) he's not going to be getting all of Mommy's attention anymore. Why not lather it on now!

In these early years of my son’s life I’ve wanted to give him everything that he needs to succeed in life. If only I can realize and really bring into the forefront of my parenting the extent to which we (his parents) are absolutely everything he needs.

Today as I was starting this post and doing some reading, a post at Overwhelmed With Joy said pretty much exactly what I was trying to say. Finding ways to spend time with my child that builds up our relationship not necessarily involving toys. (Even though plenty of our quality time involves throwing, catching, rolling, counting, bouncing, swatting, kicking or grabbing at a ball.) Since Owerwhelmed's post asked for things we do with our kids I'm going to list a few - even though most will probably be duplicates of hers.

We do tons of reading around here usually before nap time was lost again during a quiet time in the afternoon and before bed. Some days we may fit some books in other places as well.

We visit the library often for their music and movement class. It's typical for us to leave with about five books (so Mommy can keep track) but lately one of them has to be the Berenstain Bears.

We listen to all different types of music. We dance together and get silly! We'll also play on the piano (he does this most with my hubby) or we'll play the harmonica together or shake rattles to the music. We've also been known to make a trumpet out of a paper towel roll and drums out of many things but chopsticks are his favorite drumsticks. (Sorry, I guess this one used toys but I think music is important.)

We do some fun yoga poses together. Mostly the animal poses: lion, the dogs, cat, cow, etc. It's fun for him to add the sounds to each pose for some added silliness!

We go out and check the mail after walking around the block. Listening for dogs barking, looking at geese flying over, and waiting patiently for tulips to be blooming!!!

I think I'll stop here and ask if anyone would be interested in playing along with me say next Tuesday January 23, 2007. I would love to set up a Mr. Linky (if I can) or just link to everyone who leaves comments. We can all share a post about a fun winter activity or craft. It can be anything you do during the many indoor hours this time of year for any and all ages. I know we can't be the only ones who go stir crazy so I thought it might be worth it to swap ideas. Then we'll have a new arsenal for the last couple months of winter! And for those of you who are frozen solid I hope you get a thaw soon!!!

I hope you’ll come back on Tuesday and join in for a Winter Activity Festival!


owlhaven said...

Heidi, I am just writing a post for tomorrow on something along these lines. I love your idea to collect ides for activities...


Stephanie said...

Great idea Heidi!

How was your ebay shopping for wraps?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!! Wonderful. I bookmarked that link about what a four year old should know. I think since we have different readers that I will post it sometime too! I think this is soo great, and I need to make more time for crafty things, and not worry about the clean up.

Linds said...

Excellent idea, Heidi. I will see what I can come up with too.

Robin said...

Loved the link on what a 4 year old should know. Very well put. My oldest hates video games and would rather build Legos all day. My middle one is the craft king of the world. I wouldn't trade either for all the "genius children" in the world.

Barb said...

I read Overwhelmed With Joy's post last night and loved it. She had some wonderful ideas and my thoughts about the time I spend with my 18 month old grandson are right along the same lines as yours and hers. When Cameron is here, everything else can wait. The time he and I spend together is too important and I'm blessed to have it with him.

I think the best investment you can make in your child (or even your grandchild) is the quality time you spend with him. Turn off the TV and grab a book! :-)

Heaven Sent said...

Great post and link! So true -- it's good to remember this on days when you feel frustrated because "you got nothing done." Actually, those are the days we probably did the most good!

New Mama's Nest said...

Great idea! We'll definitely participate!

Overwhelmed! said...

Great ideas! I especially love the idea of making a trumpet out of a paper towel roll! I'll have to try that with Snuggle Bug.