Thursday, January 11, 2007

Homemade gifts

Last month I spoke about making most of my Christmas gifts and promised to share. Most of my family got cookies, some of the canned goods I made this fall (applesauce, peaches, peach jam) and I also put the dry ingredients for some cookies in a jar. Those layered cookies were fun to do and SO easy but I think I may have lost the recipe - I guess I'll have to find a new one for next year!

For my parents and MIL I had been meaning to make these little plaques since Mother's Day - I thought they would be a nice Mother's/Father's day gift. When those holiday's past I forgot all about them until Christmas.

I went to my local craft store and purchased a rectangular shaped piece of wood, two different sized hearts and as many wooden stars as kids needed.

Then I just started painting away. Around the edge I used a tooth brush with metalic paint instead of a regular brush.

The stenciling made me nervous since I had to try to make it all perfectly centered. That didn't last long and I just crammed it all on. I used a pencil to draw the letters on and then traced over it with the marker. "Caution, Grandparents at play!" Is what the sign reads and then I listed all the grandkids names on stars. The kids names I just had to free hand on the stars because I didn't have a stencil the right size.

I added all my parents grandkids mine and my brothers in birth order since I thought it might get to confusing keeping it organized by families. I also put two extra stars since we are both expecting again - she's due any day now!

I just used hot glue to glue the heart and stars on and I figured that they could keep going up and around with new ones or hang a piece of twine underneath and staple the next batch of kids on to that!


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!!! Did you come up with that idea all by yourself??? Love it.

Linds said...

They are brilliant! I will file this away to do as well.And thanks, Heidi.

Heidi said...

I don't remember where I got it from. But I don't think I came up with it myself!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That is so creative! I love it!!

Stephanie said...

Oh that is good. I know my MIL would LOVE that. Add to the list for next year! :)

MOM said...

Heidi, Daddy and I love our plaque! It means so much to have something you created yourself. I have been wanting a sign about Grandparents. It doesn't matter how old our children are, Daddy and I treasure all that you create and make. Aren't you already collecting from yours?

Heaven Sent said...

I am totally impressed with your creativity and thoughtfulness. I'm going to share it with my girlfriend who decided to cut back on gifts this year! Great ideas!!!

safdar ali said...

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