Saturday, November 25, 2006

To my furry nemesis....

Dear Fievel,

I first want to say that I appreciate your will to live. The way you have escaped our many traps over the last couple of weeks has been incredible. My husband and I agree that if you can pull off some Stuart Little entertainment you'd be allowed to stay (with an exorbitant amount of rent as well as mandatory housebreaking). However, you wore on my last nerve Thanksgiving morn and I am currently rethinking the very humane traps we have set up for you and considering turning to very dark and desperate measures.

You see, the pantry stores all of the wonderful dry food that my family eats on a regular basis. It is, along with our refrigerator, the mecca of our home. Since we've seen your kind here before I generally keep things very well in airtight containers and/or very well wrapped. Except for the oatmeal packages as you clearly pointed out. I will improve their storage promptly. Ahem, and please for the love of all things sanitary and healthy do NOT attempt to nest in my very nice basket of hand towels again. That was not something fun to find on Thanksgiving morn when they were all clean and ready for mass food prep.

Will you not rest until everything is pulled out and living on the island??

Consider yourself warned, jump in and enjoy your peanut butter demise or you will be finding some very cruel things in the next week.

It may interest you to know in the next house over lives a bachelor and he may enjoy your company more than the Butterfly clan.

Mrs. Mama Butterfly


Heaven Sent said...

LOL! :) I have to say I would not be as patient. I absolutely cringe when I even think of a mouse. Please keep us posted!

Heather said...

Sweetie - ya want my cat? He knows what to do, leaves no "gifts" behind and it's all in God's plan right?

;-) Good luck - our experiance was that the suckers ate a little of the posion got sick and then got SMART - didn't touch the stuff again.

For us - Casey did the trick.

Linds said...

I do not do rodents. You are being far too nice. My one vanished after industrial strength rat poison in our garden shed. Thank heavens.

owlhaven said...



Robin said...

Oh man - one got in our garage once and a couple months later my husband went to put his hunting boots on and it was filled to the top with dog food. Not to mention shredded a couple hats to make a nest. At least we got rid of it before it had babies!

And oh, someone once told me you don't get a mouse, you get mice!

momteacherfriend said...

Did you print and post on the pantry door?

Peanut butter

Anonymous said...

Little Debbie swiss cake rolls.......cut up into pieces and pressed onto a cheap mouse trap (the kind with the spring release) We caught many a mouse that way when we lived out in the country. One mouse liked to sleep in the top drawer of my dresser, all nestled up in my nightgowns. The first time I discovered him there, he JUMPED out of the drawer and ran off. I screamed!!! The next time, I opened the drawer......he lifted his little head and looked at me sleepily with an 'Oh, it's just you' expression.

We tried those sticky traps once.....all we caught was the puppy :(

Good luck to you!