Monday, November 13, 2006

100 Things About Me

I've always enjoyed reading these when others have done them so here's my 100th post! Totally in random order....

  1. I was born and raised in New York (suburbia)
  2. In the same house that my Dad grew up in
  3. But about 3 additions later.
  4. My Grandma and Bobo lived right next door
  5. I loved having them so close to visit almost daily.
  6. I started ballet lessons in 2nd grade
  7. Dancing became a wonderful love in my life
  8. A way for a shy girl to express herself
  9. I also have a love of science - biology and physics mostly
  10. English was my weakest subject
  11. If you couldn't tell from all the grammar mistakes on this blog!
  12. I enjoyed German and French but I hardly remember a thing now!
  13. I majored in Dance in college
  14. The BFA program at NYU for dance was 3 years and 2 summers
  15. I don't officially use my major in my current job!
  16. Unless you count pirouettes and fouettes in the kitchen
  17. While my son giggles and says again, again, until I'm out of breath
  18. If you know me in real life don't ever plan on seeing this!
  19. This Thanksgiving will mark the 10 yr anniv. of our first date
  20. Those 10 years have gone by like a cat nap
  21. We got married near to a favorite scuba spot 4 years ago
  22. I'd still love to scuba dive if I lived near an ocean
  23. I worked at a veterinary hospital for 3 years
  24. I also went back to school part time to get prereqs for Veterinary School
  25. While I was working there I decided that Vet life was not for me
  26. I like the scientific experiments and lab stuff better
  27. We fled in the mass exodus of CA almost three years ago
  28. I have a 2 year old son
  29. I feel like my job as a Wife/Mother/homemaker is the most perfect one I've ever had
  30. I enjoy a good laugh
  31. I can't tell a good joke to save my life
  32. I enjoy a good cry but could handle a few weeks without one.
  33. I love to use exlamation points!!
  34. I love sushi,
  35. Thai
  36. and pretty much any ethnic foods
  37. I love gardening
  38. I also will eat any kind of batter (cookie dough, cake...)
  39. I would consider food my achilles' heel!
  40. My husband and I have planned entire trips to NY for food
  41. Well we've visited family too - not just for the cannollis ;)
  42. My favorite color is purple
  43. I have one sister
  44. and one brother.
  45. I am the oldest child.
  46. I wish we all lived closer
  47. but I know that we're all where we should be for now.
  48. I taught pilates once a week at a church in San Diego
  49. I've thought about teaching again
  50. but my heart's not fully in it yet.
  51. I would eat totally organically if I could afford it
  52. Now depending on our budget I buy mostly produce and milk organic
  53. I experienced "natural" childbirth with my son
  54. It was also a water birth
  55. It was amazing and I'll do it again....
  56. My total labor was about 8 hours - intense but short!
  57. I prayed for exactly that!!!
  58. My son was born on his due date
  59. That date also was my Grandfather's birthday.
  60. We gave his name as my son's middle name - also my Dad's.
  61. I have two dogs (Jack Russell Terriers)
  62. I love them to pieces but they are so stubborn
  63. I don't have very good fashion sense
  64. I just don't really pay attention to what's in style
  65. I almost always ask my husband if I look ok before I leave the house
  66. I hardly ever buy clothes for myself
  67. I love music
  68. I also love movie musicals
  69. I think we would all be happier if we could burst in to song
  70. and dance in the middle of grocery shopping
  71. or walking in the rain or delivering a newspaper :)
  72. I like watching scary movies at home under a blanket next to hubs
  73. I also like action and romatic sappy stories too.
  74. I like to read but I don't do it enough
  75. I'm enjoying reading the Bible more lately
  76. I am a Christian
  77. I have 2 nephews and a niece on the way
  78. I love to bake and cook
  79. Dishes and laundry make me want to cry!
  80. I still do them mostly with a grateful heart.
  81. I've been hospitalized twice.
  82. Once for being dehydrated as a baby
  83. Second for an emergency appendectemy in Jan of 1994
  84. I had my son at a birthing center.
  85. He was born at 8:19pm and we were home at 3am
  86. I fell over a couch backwards, landed on my sister
  87. and somehow broke my right wrist in first grade.
  88. She cried (I knocked the wind out of her)
  89. I calmly told my Mom I broke my arm while she comforted my sis.
  90. I've had tendonitis in almost every joint in my lower body
  91. Mostly in my left patella tendon and my right achilles tendon.
  92. I've had a miscarriage.
  93. That's the first time I've actually written that out on this blog.
  94. I feel very healed today.
  95. I really love life and I love people.
  96. I'm 31 years old
  97. My birthday is in March.
  98. I love learning - I actually liked school
  99. I am learning to be patient.
  100. I wear a size 9 shoe!

Obviosly I didn't have a big finale planned!!


Heidi said...

OK, in my draft it shows numbers...I don't know why when it published it changes to stars! grrr.

owlhaven said...

Yeah, it's so strange, when I read it in bloglines it shows the numbers. But not on the site. Fun list. I love sushi too. Sushi craving, very intense, this very moment, actually. Eeekk. I need to go rummage in the kitchen now for some poor pitiful substitute . Oh, sushi. I want sushi for my birthday. Or maybe Christmas. Christmas is sooner.


owlhaven said...

Mmm...cream cheese and dates is what I found. Ever had that combo? Sounds weird, but it is yummy....
Not quite as good as sushi tho.

Linds said...

Great list! I had a miscarriage too. And congrats on your 100th post!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I like the flowers/stars better than numbers!!

I really enjoyed your list- how cool to study dance! Are you sure you can't post a little video of you dancing on here?

Wendy said...

Enjoyed getting to know you better. We are the same age. :)

Heidi said...

LOL Mary!

Yeah Stephanie I guess my tired eyes didn't see that they actually are flowers!

I guess I meant to say that it was the first time I'd written the word "miscarriage" I guess every one figured that out since I actually did write about losing the baby!!

momteacherfriend said...

We have a few things in common. knew I liked you.

Never studied dance but the Lord has been teaching me to dance for him. Fun stuff.

We had a home birth with a midwife. I loved it!! Labored in the water.

I am so terrible in the fashion sense, I should ask my husband too..

Hubby and I had our 10th anniversary of our first date this year as well. 9th for wedding anniversary.

Jamie said...

So interesting to learn all about you!
Congratulations on a natural child birth! My labor was a quickie as well, just seven hours, but I opted for the painless route :) I'm sort of wimpy like that though.

And I am with you on the organics, too bad the good stuff costs so much more.

Robin said...

Great list. I also love when people post these. Seems hard tho to come up with 100 things about me.

I also do organic when I can. I love summer when veggies come out of my garden. But I'm not sure I could can like you did.

New Mama's Nest said...

I love reading these! It's funny learning the little things!

Amy said...

Hmmmm . . . How did you like the Birth Center? The only midwives around here practice at one, and I can't imagine not using a midwife like I did for my two boys. I'd love your thoughts!

Tess said...

Hi, I'm bloghopping today, I have no idea how I got here, but I enjoyed your 100 things post!